Tuesday, April 5, 2011


oh hello dear friends,

yesterday i received a message from a dear old friend who scolded me for having been absent from the blog for too long. i have been peeping in here and there but have failed to engage in the witty reparté for a while. well, i've been busy.

so i'm announcing my timely return. i share with you some relics from my travels. i've spent quite a bit of time on regretsy:

learned about vagina dentata

but mostly spent a lot of time missing the good ol' days...

hopefully you'll welcome me back in the fold. snif


Dementor said...

Purulent excretor!

It beats the putrescent vaginis infection or whatever the other abhorrence was named.

Purulent excretor!

Is there no limit to good taste?

Karl Hungus said...

I love you Woody.

Master of the Craw said...

I'd like to be welcomed back into YOUR folds.