Monday, January 25, 2010

Red dot in the skaaaayyye!!!

(Une message en Française suivre)
Hey, kids!
Lets talk astrolomy!

Apparently, this red dot will be visible in the sky this friday and you dont want to miss it!

We should meet up on the rooftop of this couple's appartment I know. They've got a great skyline view. Its next to Christobald Colombus street and Rosemont.
Friday's forecast looks perfect for a session of astrolonomy, so lets get crackin!
Also, we should get together, its been a while and this will be a blast.
Red dot in the skaaaye!

(andz now, for ze french messâge)


la planète Tabernaxe 32 entrera dans l'optique de notre planète, la planète Cibolaxe 50, ce Vendredi, qui n'est pas Saint, et qui ne devrait pas le devenir, sous aucun prétexte.
Cet événement survient à toute les calixes années, il ne faut donc pas le manquer, ce qui serait bien dommage, comme dirait le Christ sur la Croix.
Pour ce faire, nous proposons de nous rapprocher de la ciboirix lactée, afin de
mieux percevoir le phénomène. Pour ce faire, nous proposons le toit de l'autre imbécile.
Faute de mieux, restons chez soi, mais ce serait dommage, comme dirait l'autre gnochon.
Over and out.


Barbarosa said...

I'm in.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Bah, it's no 2003 Mars. We're not going to see that for another 60000 years.

Dementor said...

As we were saying, red dot in the skaye.

Its just another normal tabernaxe phenom.

Dust to dust, you're nothing.


Dementor said...

I don't remember writing this.
Of course it was nothing personal.
I was talking to the General You.

Master of the Craw said...

I hear the General You is a real dick. He treats his Lt. Generals like shit.