Saturday, January 23, 2010


I can't wait to go to Pant's place tonight. I read about this band, Sigh and I'm really curious to hear what they sound like.

Wikipedia says they are a mix of Black, Symphonic, Avant-garde and Death. Sounds delish!

And just to whet my appetite even more, I had to go and read Exclaim!'s review:

Scenes from Hell
By Laura Wiebe Taylor

Sigh's eighth album, Scenes from Hell, is a whirlwind of musical chaos, far more lively than I'd ever imagined hell to be. More like a Carnival Diablo. The metal here is sparse, stripped down to vintage death with a hint of punk or the odd thrashy lead. The tones are viciously deconstructed, but almost every metal riff seems out of its league, bombarded and overwhelmed by a stormy onslaught of horns and synth orchestrations, or a richly evil saxophone solo. At times, the whole conglomeration sounds like a mazurka soundtrack for an epic fantasy, or maybe a creepy cartoon special. Increasingly familiar melodic patterns give the album a theme and variation lilt, leading into martial interruptions, and what might pass for a demonic coronation. Chanted narration and a slow dance of death provide interludes to the high-speed drama moving the record forward, only to sink back into chaos once more. It's recognizably Sigh and works extremely well, at times, but in the end I'm still uncertain about the intended effect and I leave more confused than satisfied. (The End)

I can't even listen to their myspace as I don't have my earphones!

It's a good thing I'm so good at delaying gratification.


Dementor said...

sounds like Naked City, except 20 years later.

Dementor said...