Monday, January 20, 2014

The horror of things with CJ Molesto

Well its been a rough 15 years.
Some say it was a very rough 1 year.
There has been so many events that appalled me during this time, I feel like with every other new reporting of dreadful calamities I get closer to a state of total stupefaction.
In other words I'm becoming more and more like the normal constituent of the overwhelming majority: a venerable vegetable.
What I'm trying to get at will be disclosed shortly after this brief unrelated Adolph Hitler quote:
'I fight for what I love. I love what I respect. And in order to respect something one needs to at least have a basic knowledge of it.'
Which leads me to ask : why arent there any other Hitlers in the world? I've never heard of anyone with that name.
I just got back from the movie Gasland part II (nothing to do with Hitler),
followed by a live skype discussion with its author, Josh Fox, who is fighting a long standing fight against the gas industry and who, incidentally, is a jew whose parents escaped the gas chambers and ... I'm not kidding! It's true.
While he (Mr. Fox, the jew) was describing to us the general state of forfeiture to the ruling sodomites in the motherland of de-evolution, I soon came to realize how things were not shocking me so much anymore, and worse yet, how I am starting to forget all the things that have shocked me in the past.

I want this post to be a legacy to the children I will never have.

I also want you to contribute to this post, through comments, which I will use to edit the present post in such a way: in the following lines I will start a short list of all the things that have scandalized me during the last 15 years, and I strongly suggest you take part in the exercise, as a mean to extract yourself from the deep stupor you have been macerating in, complacently accepting the horrors of this world as normalities.

1- 2008 to this day: the credit crisis. The bailout of banks. Banks profiting off the crisis through credit default swaps. Private organizations profiting off of the default of entire nations. 2013: banks using the housing market collapse they created to buy cheaper properties and devising a way to further excavate the misery of the nation.(Look up Blackstone, who's behind it)

2- 2010 BP spill  Josh Fox shows us an aerial view of the golf 75 days into the nautic catastrophy. Images none of the medias were allowed to show, for obvious appalling reasons.

3- 2013 : the obfuscation by the PQ of the eastern pipeline plan through intensive media coverage of the incessant bickering about the fucking stupid charter.

4- The non existent media coverage of the mi'kmaq fight in New Brunswick against Texas oil firms

5- the Citizens United case, the insanity of it all, the Superpacs, the continuing use of the word democracy by these nutcases, the unremittent exploitation of the masses by the ruling sodomites, the technological middle-ages we live in

6- The Patriot Act

7- Obama's extension of the Patriot Act

8- Obama's presidency and the shattering of all hopes.

9- The invasion of Iraq. Fallujah. Halliburton's profiting off the war, Dick Cheney, The never ending slaughters that followed

10- The Drones in afghanistan, the ongoing cowardly drone killings accepted by the zombie majority as legitimate

11- Anything Stephen Harper and his de-evoluted minions might say or do, including the scientific community muzzling, the censorship of anything related to environmental science, the destruction of dozens of public organizations (see previous end of 2013 post), the retarded unconditional support to Israel.

12- Israel.

13- the Koch brothers and how they're still alive

14- the non coverage of the tar sands and their consequences on ecosystems and communities.

15- The NSA

16- Militarization of Police.

17- Dissent becomes illegal in Montreal (2012)

18- A law is passed whereby you cannot mention that your food product is GMO-free. (WHERE? in the US only?)

19- Harper's abolishment of the gun registry


Barbarosa said...

Militarization of Police.

Barbarosa said...

Dissent becomes illegal in Montreal.

Barbarosa said...

A law is passed whereby you cannot mention that your food product is GMO-free.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

You need more than one bullet point for Harper. That being said, the abolishment of the gun registry