Friday, November 1, 2013

Cardinal Needs A New Name

I think we can all agree that Cardinal needs a new name. The person it refers too is much less relevant than when it was originally chosen.

I have a suggestion.

I mentioned in one of my previous comments that Cardinal was being cynical. And although he was being cynical in the modern sense, his general aura makes me think of Cynicism in the classical Greek sense.

I mean read this:

To the ancient Greeks, Cynicism (capitalized) was a school of philosophy and social criticism founded by a man named Antisthenes. Followers of Cynicism often rejected the material comforts and social practices of the world around them, preferring to live as simply and as virtuously as possible. Because these Cynics often refused to bathe and were frequently found shouting incoherently in public areas, they were called kuon, the Greek word for dogs. Therefore, these men became known historically as the "dog philosophers".

Perhaps the best known follower of the Greek Cynicism movement was a man namedDiogenes. Legend has it that Diogenes wandered the Greek countryside, allegedly on a never ending quest for an honest man. Honesty and virtue were key elements of the original Cynicism philosophy. The problem was that in the Cynics' eyes, few Greek politicians or prominent members of the ruling class had either of those qualities. Society in general was ruled by thoughts of personal gain, political corruption and meaningless rituals.

Bro, come on! Dog Philosopher is tailor-made for Cardinal!


Dementor said...

Dont you dare pretend to be teaching me about Diogenes. Diogenes has always been my favourite hero. Witnesses shall concur that I've frequently recounted the tales of Diogenes during our social gatherings. My favourite being the one where Diogenes is indulging in his daily public place masturbation session, and a respectable man walks up to him and asks him why he's doing it, and Diogenes answers: "Well, if I could stop being hungry by rubbing my belly, I can tell ya, I mos def be rubbin that belly, know whamsayin? Now excuse me while I ejaculate on your wife."

Barbarosa said...

I wasn't pretending to teach you anything. I was just writing that the description was appropriate.

Your story has confirmed my belief.


Dementor said...

(As for further proof of my prior knowledge of everything, refer to the Brain week Saturday, March 21, 2009 post of this here blog. )

Dementor said...

(I even have a little plaster replica of Diogenes masturbating by the agora.)

Barbarosa said...

I don't believe you.