Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who Are You Voting for?

I'm voting Projet Montréal. Richard Bergeron is kooky, but I can forgive him that because I find his party is the only one with a real vision and a vision I like at that! They also seem to be the only party that has any semblance of ambition, something that has been lacking in this city for way too long.

As a city, I find we've settled for too little, for too long. It's time to look forward and start giving ourselves the tools to turn into a world-class city. Projet Montréal leads in the right direction I feel.

Coderre is just more of the same old, same old. Oh my god, it's almost as if he used to be in the Liberal party!

Joly is intriguing and hot. However, I've never been swayed by the whole "lack of experience is a good thing" argument. It just means you're ripe for the picking by those with experience, waiting with a trap set for you.


Karl Hungus said...

I'm voting Joly. The last thing we need is a tram. Also, I like her vision on how to tackle transit problems (cheaply) and the conditions and penalties she plans to implement for construction contracts: ie. quality guarantees, ethical contracts and the companies having their work insured. I also like how she's trying to put a stop to all this condo shit to keep families in the city.

That being said, I'm voting Ferrandez as my borough mayor. He's such an asshole towards drivers... I love it.

Barbarosa said...

Why don't you want a tram?

Also, what's so wrong with condos? And how will stopping condos keep families in the city?

Condos are great for people who can't afford to buy a full-on house in town, like families.

Dementor said...

He said condos are great.

Anyways, are you referring to the IQ test survey coming up on monday? Why are you even talking about this? We all know the majority is solidly retarded, the fat terd will represent it, what the fuck is there to discuss?

Barbarosa said...

Cardinal, have you ever thought that maybe cynicism is the reason why we are in this mess? Do you not think corruption thrives on cynicism?

We can make a difference. That doesn't mean we have to feel the responsibility to change everything. Just be responsible for your own behaviour. Anything more is a bonus.

Barbarosa said...

Furthermore, I'm beginning to question your reading comprehension skills more and more. And I'm not the best at reading comprehension in the first place.

You wrote: "He said condos are great."

Karl wrote: " I also like how she's trying to put a stop to all this condo shit"

Would you please explain to me how that means he said condos are great?

Dementor said...

He said he's not the best at reading comprehension in the first place.

Dementor said...
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