Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yesterday night, I was using this virtual war simulation software to perfect my warfare abilities and skills for the upcoming hard times. I was waiting for another user to show up on my visuals while hiding in a bush (or if you prefer, I was "camping like a noob") when suddenly, about a dozen consecutive rounds of thunderous fire and apocalyptic explosions started roaring in my ears. Without panicking, I got up from my prone stance and looked at my side. There was another user standing right next to me, by chance he was on my group of operations. In his hand was shining the scariest gun on earth. The readers of this blog are already acquainted with it, but let us remind us of humanity's current attained level of design aimed solely at the destruction of another human being :

So I watched him annihilate about 10 members of the opposite faction with this thing. Later on, as the simulation went on to another round, I immersed myself in the action and forgot that the teams had been scrambled. I found out a little into the new round, as I was walking in a nice little forest. Things were quiet, and for a while I almost forgot I was in the middle of a brutal organized exchange of deathly measures.
And thats when I got blown to a million pieces. My audio system almost exploded with my virtual self. The guy had loaded his USAS-12 with frag rounds.

I instantly tried looking for videos of such an extremely exaggerated violent display of exacerbated belligerence:

verbose version:

I think its time they threw robot soldiers in their armed conflicts, cause seriously, no human I know deserves to be killed with this thing.

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