Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why Metal gets a bad rep


After many line-up changes and some live shows the band split up around 1999. Before that they had recorded High Level Cannibalistic Violence demo tape. The style on this demo was death metal and only 50 copies were made. In 2001 the band returned for a split with Lymphatic Phlegm and after that called it quits again. However, Goregiastic Records offered them a deal, the band accepted it and recorded their first full-length Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy.

...WTF. I guess the rule is, if you're afraid to Google Image search an album title and/or band name, it's officially bad taste.

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Dementor said...

The worst part is their album images look authentic.

Good thing I went incognito before looking them up or else I've no idea what I would've told the judge.