Monday, August 22, 2011

David Lynch on Mobile Devices


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

It sounds as retarded as making phone calls on a pocket movie player.

Master of the Craw said...

Baby wanna text?

Dementor said...

Damn right Bonerpants.

Damn right.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

I just watched this movie on my telephone. I feel i have experienced it

Barbarosa said...

Someone was talking out of his ass and that person was David Byrne.

Movies are about emotions and stories, not about screen size.

Dementor said...

David Byrne?!

You're talking so deeply out of your anus I think we'll need a proctologist to make you understand that douches tend to miss out on the emotions and stories when they're watching Ice Pirates 2 on their 'fucking telephones' while driving their SUVs or waiting in line at the McDos.

Movies is all about size. Length AND width.

Barbarosa said...

David Lynch, ooops.

Barbarosa said...

Regardless of your homo-erotic humour, I stand by my statement. I would also like to add that a small screen is, indeed, not ideal for many types of movies. Spiderman VI or so comes to mind.

I wonder what Mr. Lynch has to say about poor people who cannot a digital tv with a 55" screen. Are they not worthy of his films? What about a few decades ago when most screens were black and white. I guess those totally ruined the medium that is film or TV.

He also seems to forget about perspective. It's not as if we look at phone screens from a distance. I'd be curious to compare actual screen size area in the field of vision of a phone with that of a small tv.

Methinks David Lynch simply wants to appeal to a certain retrogrouch artistic crowd which thinks what's older is necessarily better, yet inevitably runs around with an iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Note that the latter is to watch movies since the former's screen is deficient.

David Lynch was a hipster before it was cool.