Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Steam Passes

Just a quick heads up, when I bought Monkey Island 2 special edition I got a free copy of MI1 and since I already own the game I figured I'd give it away to one of you fuckers.
It's PC only, requires a P4 3ghz or better processor, 256mb ram and a dedicated video card with at least 128MB and Shader 2.0 (basically any card built after 2004) mostly because they redid all the graphics and music (though you can switch back to the original mode on the fly if you want). They also added voices to the game (which you can turn off if you want) and fixed some minor bugs.
If none of these things interest you then you can probably just run the original in ScummVM (which has a certain cache as well).


Dementor said...

I'll take it!

Karl Hungus said...

You'll have to compete with Spazz and Bonerpants. They both expressed their interest to me last night. Perhaps some sort of competition or tournament to decide the winner? Maybe feats of strength, or a game of Street Fighter IV? Or maybe compare penis sizes (I can judge it if you want)?

Dementor said...

Do you measure penis size by length or width? Because I have what Lou Ferrigno's father would call a 'spaghetti penis'.

Dementor said...

I guess I'll leave it for Bonerpants then, since its pretty much the only game that'll run on his shit pc.

Master of the Craw said...

Cool, we'll figure out a way to determine the winner later.
My vote is for a chess boxing match.

Also, after posting this I loaded up SCUMMVM and Day of the Tentacle. If that isn't one of the best games of all time I don't know what is.