Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cool Site

I found this website once upon a time upon returning from a drunken adventure. I added it to my favorites with the intention of sharing it on the blog the next morning. I was too drunk to blog. That was about a year ago. Needless to say, I forgot about it until now. I must finally be recovering from the brain damage I inflicted upon myself that night.


Master of the Craw said...

I remember seeing something similar. It was a russian site and the guy would just visit random completely run down industrial sites all over Russia (including some old nuclear plants) and take some amazing pictures very similar to those Chernobyl images we saw at the museum last summer. Can't remember the place though.

Barbarosa said...

Dear Post Burglar,

I do believe I posted about this 2 years ago.

Dementor said...

I second Barbie,
2 years ago Urban exploration was still cool.
Now its just passé.
Whats in now is Urban Exploration PaintBall (or PaintBall UrbainExpl)
Basically the same as before, but with paintball guns and stuff.
Its much fun and we should try it some day. Grands-Mains almost die once playing in an old factory. He jumped for cover behind some low wall only to discover a 20 feet drop behind said wall. He managed to land on the 10 inches wide board that saved his life. Tons O' fun

Master of the Craw said...

What is it with Grandes-Mains and big falls?

Karl Hungus said...

Yeah... you'd think he would have a better grip.

Karl Hungus said...

Oh, and I'm not a burglar. I call confusion.