Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The thin line between genius and insanity

So I googled "Ancient Mammals" and had this picture be the very first result to show up:

I realized right away that an inspired mind was behind this brilliant tapestry so I checked the site that showcased it:


I am convinced that this site is the closest that a written document will ever come to properly describing what it is like for a scientist to have a full-blown acid trip. It all seems to be hyper technical at first until you notice the sentence structure (or lack thereof) and the Terry Gilliamesque illustrations. It's just one huge cluster-fuck of wayward neural discharges. I love it.


Dementor said...

There must have been a problem with one of the gear wheels of the internets machine because I'm almost certain this is not a mammal.
I believe it to be one of those traditional african sperm banks.
They use those to collect sperm from african men by sporadically laying the sophisticated instrument in the african steppes. The funnel collects the precious liquid while the purpose of the atrocious figure underneath is to scare hungry females away.

Karl Hungus said...

I fail to see any line, just insanity.