Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feel like getting scared a bit ?



Karl Hungus said...

That was posted on May 24th.

Dementor said...

False !
I checked, theres no post on the 24th of may !
There's Spazz on the 23rd and Homer on the 25th, but none on the 24th!


oh, you mean the actual website ?

I just thought it was interesting that some people seem to believe that the ocean floor might colapse because of the pressure change resulting from the millions of gallons of oil erupting in the last two months. They also say it could trigger the eruption of some huge volcano which itself would be a life extinction event.
Even if its dated, I find this kind of information/desinformation quite entertaining.

Dementor said...

Correction, they're actually calling it a "Earth extinction event".

I mean, it doesnt get any more serious than that. Earth extinction.