Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here are my favo(u)rites (much more westerno-centric and mainstream than hungus):

favo(u)rite views - the view of downtown from champlain bridge, the view of champlain bridge from victoria bridge, the view of cité du havre from bonaventure, lookout from the chalet on mt-royal & the view of old montreal from st-laurent blvd when you can see the old building juxtaposed with the new.

favo(u)rite streets - st-joseph, laurier, notre dame, those westmount streets that have dead ends near the top of the oratory,the street your mom lives on

favo(u)rite monuments - norman bethune statue near concordia, mcgill's arts building

favo(u)rite places - murray hill park, oka beach, lachine canal & atwater market, joyce park.

gotta go to work.

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Barbarosa said...

I heart Murray Hill!