Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Skizoweb (wherein lies the poop solution)

It had been a while since I last stumbled upon the cyber musing of some random internut. In fact It's been so long I almost forgot the true original mission of the web : to bring us inside the minds of the mentally ill. (Remember the alchemist's page?)

Anyhow I stumbled upon this gem of fascinating paranormal paranoïa while trying to get some info on the present state of the Fukushima disaster (2 months into its 5th year) Well, thanks to the web's true raison d'être, I landed on the TLC-333 life center's welcome page.

Enlightenment follows.


Karl Hungus said...

Too good:

'You'll learn that Earth's portion of the Universal Holograph has been hijacked by a species of weirder than weird off-Earth beings that we call the Lizzerdz. Their behavior is what, in human terms, we call criminally insane psychopaths."

Dementor said...

'This is so incredible that your first reaction will be discount our message and say the author is crazy.

If that is your reaction, please check the page titled: Believability.'

Dementor said...

Notice his articles are well documented with sources that all link to other well documented loony sites. The skizoweb is real.