Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why We Hate Others (1 of many reasons)

The affect heuristic is a fancy way of saying that people make judgments by consulting their emotions instead of logic. The affect heuristic explains how our minds take a difficult question (one that would require rigorous logic to answer) and substitutes it for an easier one. When our emotions get involved, we jump to pre-existing conclusions instead of exerting the mental effort to think of a bespoke answer. The affect heuristic helps explain why birthers still exist even though Obama released his birth certificate—it’s a powerful, negative emotional issue about which lots of people have already made up their minds. When it comes to cyclists, once some clown on two wheels almost kills himself with your car, you furiously decide that bicyclists are assholes, and that conclusion will be hard to shake regardless of countervailing facts, stats, or arguments.


Dementor said...

My hate does not find its origin in emotions. My hate follows a very thorough and methodical process that entails years of study and concentration. My hate is a model of precision consistent with the second law of thermodynamics in such that it contributes to the entropy of the universe.

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