Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is the first argument that I've seen for the tuition increase that is actually 1. An argument 2. Convincing. Am I missing something? It all seems pretty simple, how come this hasn't been brought up by the government or the media? If it really is that simple, it only further highlights the government's incompetency in dealing with the issue.


Dementor said...

Pourquoi je reste sceptique ? Il sort ses chiffres d'où lui ?

Master of the Craw said...

I've always said the same thing: if the government can actually raise tuition in a way that remains favorable to low and mid income kids then I'm not against raising tuition.
This is what a lot of people have been saying and it looks like the government actually came up with a plan that's reasonable and that helps those who need help. The sad thing is that it took all of this for them to offer up something reasonable they should have done in the first place... this is what to me, more than how bad the Charest government is at PR, underscores the Charest government's contempt and incompetence.