Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are we really in 2011?

I guess so.


Dementor said...

. . . uh... they've had superconductive trains in japan for quite a while now... dont mean to burst your bubble or anything, but this is a bit more impressive than a floating lump of soap.

Barbarosa said...

Why the fuck don't we have Maglev trains here? I'm starting to get tired of living in a third world country masquerading as a first world country.

Then I remember what a third world country is actually like.

I really happy to be living in a first world country, I just wish we could be more ambitious, instead of merely trying to imitate the US 15 years after the fact like with the prisons they are planning on building.

Karl Hungus said...

My parents bought me that train (glow in the dark version) when I was a kid for having good grades. It was a cheap piece of shit. They returned it.

I never got anything else in exchange.

So to spite my parents, I never studied again. I sure showed them.