Tuesday, November 16, 2010

News from our favorite commis à l'épicerie

Wintersun has finally shown a sign of life. Drummer Kai Hahto posted the following short announcement on his personal Facebook page:

"Wintersun will be playing 4 shows at least next year: 3 Metalfest shows in May 2011 and also Metalcamp 2011. That´s good news."

Some overly optimistic fan made the assumption that perhaps the long overdue album Time would be done by then... to which Hahto responded:

"Time has progressed very well and we hope that we can start mixing in December. But the shows are confirmed and after the new album is out, we start playing more actively. Let´s see what happens next year."

The Wintersun drummer also promised there would be "some updates" somewhere next week at the band's official website. Stay tuned.


Dementor said...

Did you develop an app that scans the internets for news of wintersun and then electro-magnetically notifies you when it finds any?

That album is gonna suck.

Dementor said...

They're overdoing it.
Just like Eddy Murphy did in Beverly Hills Cop III.

Barbarosa said...

Hahaha! I was just about to post this!