Sunday, November 7, 2010

Has this ever been posted on the blog?

Because it should be.

My girlfriend gave a sex talk at a high school the other day and one of the questions was "Is a blue waffle bad?" She did not what a blue waffle was then. Now we all do.

She then proceeded to show me another horrendous picture of disease-mutilated lady-genitals.

Perhaps she was taking her revenge on me since after she got out of the shower, I was at the computer wearing nothing but a merino-wool t-shirt, listening to this :


Karl Hungus said...

It's so pearly and iridescent! Like the inside of a muscle shell. Ahhhhhh the beauty of nature!

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

For god's sake, someone please post something else. AAAaaargh!

Dementor said...

(the vagina gangrene, that is. The other part about the merino shirt is disgusting)

Zain said...

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