Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Molesto's Psychoetheral Internetional Mixture of Double Dassin Rainbow Été Indien

So you know that mix of Pink Floyd's the Wall over dubbing the Wizard of Oz and how it fits in a hallucinatingly eery way that every bleached t-shirt wearing fucking hippie will tell you about?
Well, it turns out I've inadvertently discovered another awesome mix that will shock that hippie so bad he'll lose his remaining dentition and melt his brains so he never mentions Pink Floyd again and starts listening to Green Jelly instead (for some reason).

Here goes (I dont know how to edit movies yet so you'll have to follow the instructions)

1- Start by pressing play on Joe's video, and then immediately proceed to next instruction (whatever you do, don't look at Joe's image directly, or else his devastating good looks will spontaneously burn your soul )

2- Once you've pressed play on Joe's video and covered your eyes, wait till he starts talking about autumn (about 20 secs into it), and then press play and watch the next video. Do not adjust either videos volume, they're already mixed perfectly.

1 comment:

Karl Hungus said...

Amazing. Simply amazing.