Tuesday, January 22, 2008


You didn't like my little movie? Enjoy this instead. I do apologize: it was late and I was sober (hence confused and out of my element).

Ugghhh.... I just imagined my zipper getting stuck to hers... ZIP!


Anonymous said...

i think i'll never be able to use a ziploc ever again... or ask where they are at the supermarket.

"excuse me, where do you keep the vaginas?"

Dementor said...

Dear lord,
I never realized how ugly these things were!
oh my! I'm gay!
no wait...

Bring me an austrich!
I need to see it, how its made, the sex of the austrich.

Master of the Craw said...

so is it possible to get the labia caught in the labia? would that cause a tear in the fabric of time?

Barbarosa said...

not but it might cause a tear...in the eye of caroline

Napoleon Bonerpants said...