Friday, June 26, 2009

You Can't Be Serious or I Just Lost my Innocence

I was reading an article in the New York Times and sadly this sentence came up:

"I know women of the future are going to achieve even greater triumphs, but they will probably have to do it while permanently lathered in sunscreen due to that warming thing."

This from the person who used to be the Editorial Page Editor. "Lathered in sunscreen due to that warming thing." Wah? You know, if you want to dispute global warming, go right ahead, but to misunderstand it as profoundly as that sentence demonstrates is rather worrisome.

Say it ain't so Gail Collins!


Dementor said...

With all due respect, at this point I bet you could manage to get shocked by your own shit.
The New York Times.


Dementor said...

And stop fucking texting me, these things cost 35cents a piece.
Its a phone, dammit, they're designed for oral conversations, not for typing.
With all due respect, I believe at this point that if they'd invented typing machines with an option featuring an embedded phoning system, you would use the typing machine to call me.
Stop messing around with the universe or one day you'll wake up with kermit the frog in place of your penis, and you'll have to use his penis to do penis stuff.
(its okay, kermit's penis is not that small, but still, you don't want that to happen.)

Barbarosa said...


Master of the Craw said...

with all due respect i don't think your due all respect.