Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oiseau de La Mo'rwt

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ ¨¨ ¨¨¨¨¨¨ ¨


"In 1959-1961, a collection of interactive graphical programs were created on the TX-0 machine at MIT[m] (Mouse In The [maze]):

which allowed users to place maze walls, bits of cheese, and (in some versions)

glasses of martini by way of a light pen interacting with the screen. One could then release the mouse and watch it traverse the maze to find the goodies[6]."


On another subject, what about what I said earlier, I saw about 30 of those flying way up there over the place ville-marie last week :


no shit.
A woman told me it's been happening for about 5 years and no one knows why.
I consider this woman to hold major credibility. So look out. For the vultures.

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Barbarosa said...

Maybe they're culture vultures and they only come during festival season.