Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey guys, how was the fête de la musique in Montréal? In Paris, it was pretty damn sweet, even giving the City of Light a Montreal in festival flavour.

In any case, since I'm writing about music, I thought I'd share this little corner of the music world with you.

Check out ''For the Love of Art and the Making'' by Beyond Twillight.

The album is essentially a 37.5 minute long song divided in 43 sections.

Think Queen + Metal + Classical and you're on your way.


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

This is actually the first danish band I've ever heard. I was wondering what was up with Denmark. Is there too much sunshine over there?

Barbarosa said...

Only when I'm there! No joke.

Barbarosa said...

I've seen Mnemic live, also from Denmark; they were decent.

Barbarosa said...

best danish metal convo

including Tyr, on a technicality