Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brutal Legend updates from E3

Impressions from joystiq

Tim Schafer explained that he wanted Brütal Legend to convey the worlds dreamed up on the covers of heavy metal albums. "The concept art... we looked at the covers of tons of heavy metal albums, and that let us know what we could have and could not have in the game. A big giant pile of corpses? Yes, we can have that. Can we have a four-legged, gaspack, kneecapped demon thing with a nun on top? Yes." If you've ever seen it on a metal album, chances are you'll see it in this game.

As if this wasn't badass enough, there are some seriously awesome tidbits:

Besides Bladehenge, there are other Henge-themed locales, like Beerhenge.

There will be lots of side missions and free time to explore the massive world.

Eddie can't just bust out guitar combo after guitar combo non-stop. Eventually, he'll burn his fingers and have to stop for a bit.

They're licensing some pretty rocking tunes for the game, but they asked us not to reveal any since deals are still being worked out ... possibly including some music created by heavy metal greats just for the game.

The Deuce has taillights that will blink and tell you if you're on the right path, while a spotlight from the sky will illuminate your next destination.

Eddie learns more guitar solos as the game progresses, including a face-melting solo that literally melts the faces off your enemies.

Eddie's willing male followers are the headbangers, while his foes are the hairbangers, continuing the ancient musical battle of heavy metal vs. hair bands.

The female followers are the Runaways, who were previously slaves in General Lionwhyte's pleasure tower.

Lemmy Kilmister plays the leader of the Thunder Hogs, and he heals your units by playing bass.

Every game at EA's preview event was shown on an Xbox 360 or a Wii ... except for this one, which was on the PS3.

Schafer is creating new vernacular for the game, including "nutshit." As in Eddie telling a bunch of his headbanger minions, "When I do this (hand gesture) you go completely nutshit on whatever I'm pointing at." You heard it hear first. According to Schafer, everyone will be saying it next year.

Follow the link for some pictures.


Impressionable youth said...

Wassaaaaap! That is totally nutshit.

Dementor said...

Despite all the hype around the game, it'd still be kinda funny if this game ended up in the video game list of commercial failures, right along Grim Fandango and Psychonauts.
I wonder if Schafer would go on doing what he does, or would he just lose it and start masturbating/crying/sucking on his thumb for the rest of his life.

Master of the Craw said...

he actually went on record and said he doesn't give a shit if it sells well... schaffer is one of those guys who makes brilliant games but nobody buys.

who knows. with jack black and a few other big names this thing will sell well enough. It has cult hit written all over it.

btw, are you in for the park on the 13th?

Dementor said...

park on ze 13th?

No comprendo.

Master of the Craw said...

I'm celebrating my 30th in the park on the 13th. Corner of Emil Duplessis and Rachel like I did the previous years.
I sent out a facebook invite but since you don't facebook anymore...

z tge bnae said...

Enuke Dykiter