Thursday, March 19, 2009

The nature of things, with NLONES (Brain Week series)


Which is scarier,

a strange aged man?

or an old neurotic cunt? (I hate her)

As I was going down on Sainte-Catherine, she gave me a gift. A true representation of her Saintness's splendor. Indeed, it is rather rare to see the doors of a Peep Show parlour open in broad daylight. And everytime I see someone coming out of one of those majestic places I'm amazed at the originality and splendidness of the individual.
Today I was lucky enough to see a man make his way out of a Peep Show in the most self-assured manner. I decided to follow him, because I found him beautiful but also because of my inquisitive mind, always at work for the interest of Science.
The man was also wearing pointy shoes, which added to his elegance.
He was in his late 50's. He looked healthy and very well fed. His white hair gave him the solennel aura of wisdom that does not always come with white hair. As I was following his old flabby ass, I thought to myself: "Who is that man? Where does he come from? and most important, where is he going? For I am following him." and so we walked down Sainte Catherine, in the middle of this splendid and sunny afternoon. Then, suddenly, he made a left turn on Saint-Laurent, "By jove, this man has more than a trick up his sleeve!" said I, beginning to salivate from the fleeing thought of a trigonometric parallax.
30 seconds later, the man vanished behind doors. As I looked up to see what kind of building did swallow him so eagerly, I wiped the saliva off my chin.
He had entered another Peep Show.

The moral of this story is: life is a cycle, no matter what you do, it will get undone and redone again. And then undone and then redone, until forever.

Today's Free Brain Week stuff : Did you know there is about 6 miles of neuronal connections in the human brain?

Stay tune for more Brain Week stuff.


Barbarosa said...

Consider me tuned!

Master of the Craw said...
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Master of the Craw said...

I would pay good money to see a nature show type documentary where Nerdlord silently stalks peep show patrons.
Really good money.

Dementor said...

Much like the snow leopards, peep show patrons are a rare breed and seldom venture out of their lair.
It would be very demanding to capture their natural behaviour on film.
Although with the proper equipment, and a good urban camouflage, I think I could pull it off.
All I need is a spy cam.