Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Hate This Winter

Now I know I'm biased against this season because summer is my favourite. But I still make an effort to appreciate by playing hockey, a winter sport and the best sport in the history of manking. Unless people watching is a sport.

Where was I? Oh yeah, winter sucks. Well to be honest, this winter sucks. It has easily been the worst winter of my life in terms of weather. The cold has been merciless. Literally without mercy.

Ram : God?
God : Yes, Ram?
Ram : Make it stop.
God : Please leave a message after the beep. *beep*
Ram : Dang! I always get caught by those outgoing messages!


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Yeah! This morning on that infamous corner of St-Denis and Rosemont, I was yet again not wearing a tuc banking on the hope that no winter would be cruel enough to try to freeze my face off this late in the season. The cold ass 40km/hour wind was a sobering reminder that winter is a bitter old fucker who's ill will is rapidly becoming contagious.

What I hate the most is that winter isn't a person to whom you can give a swift kick in the ass. However, a good old fashioned tire-burning party might help make a point. If no one comes up with a way to make a video game where you shoot some kind of personification of winter, I'm gonna start buying more and more styrofoam to show the earth who's boss, or perhaps just vote for Harper at the next federal election. Either way.

Barbarosa said...

Tire burning! Nice. But actually I read that this whole climate change thing means that the entire world will get warmer except for north-east north america. which will get colder. That's right, that's us.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Dammit! I can't even get a point victory. Its insulting! Even captain Ahab had that luxury. More and more, it feels as though old man winter is bitch-slapping me with his leather glove.

Karl Hungus said...

By the way Duke, you can bring a hat to work in your bag. You know, just in case. Sort of like an umbrella, or winter boots in a plastic bag. ANYTHING THAT WILL SLOW DOWN YOUR INCESSANT BITCHING!!!!!!!!!

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Then what is this blog for? Hmm, how's 'bout I try declaring my appreciation for all the beauty in this world? That should be just as entertaining.

Oh, flowers and things, how colorful they would be.

Thank you online rabbid wolf. You've shown me the way.

Barbarosa said...

the only bag duke likes bringing to work is the memory of me teabagging him last friday