Monday, April 20, 2009

Bike Death & VideoGame (still)

I've been thinking of shaving my legs.
You know. To go faster on my bike. But then maybe its not worth it since I'm never riding naked. Riding naked would definitely make me go faster, but then I would have to constantly explain to everyone why I'm in the nude. I've been thinking about switching to carbon components too but I need the money to buy me a copy of BrĂ¼tal Legend, and another one which I will never open and which I shall bring with me in the tomb. I might just shave my legs anyways.
But the streets are not getting any safer, and my precious skull seems ever so fragile when the enemy is cutting me off in his metallic death harvester. I just cant opt for the helmet though. I mean, who wants to wear one of those things? No matter how cool they look, they will add weight to you and thus make you slower.

While blankly staring at the blog today I zoomed in on the bike explosion picture on top. Using the powers of the internets, I found out that only one dude in the flock of quagmired cyclists perished following the horrific crash. Which led me to
wonder, which one was it that lost his life?


Karl Hungus said...

If you ever had any doubts about wearing a helmet, just go over to Spazz's house and look at his face. He don't look so good. Result of the crash: he bought a helmet. If even Spazzy-Boy is wearing a helmet, then you have no excuse.

Karl Hungus said...

Oh... the guy that died is probably the one you can't see because he's underneath the car.