Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten

So I was on the ol' Google Analytics checking out the stats for the 19Bernard blog. I decided to check out the Keywords that people searched in Google that landed them on the site. Hilarious.

So here's my top ten:

10. kylie minogue tennis ass

9. there's plenty wrong with me

8. former astronauts in kaffeyehs

7. dieter-laser

6. racism its not funny

5. site:blogspot.com + sex + images

4. mononc serge master of bobettes

3. wes anderson dipshits

2. how to forget the human centipede

...and number one!!!!...

1. caca


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

wow, 1/5 was about the human centipede. I wonder if that represents global search results

Dementor said...

I count 2/5th about the human centipede. And was it really Killy Minogue's tennis ass? Is Kilye Minogue a man?

Dementor said...

This post led me to go find out what the fuck the former astronaut wearing keffayeh search was about. Who the hell would make such a query!?
Anyways. I got to read older posts on the blog and fuck, some of those are hilarious. I dont know what happened but somewhere along the way we kinda lost our inspiration.

Karl Hungus said...

That sounds like a challenge.