Thursday, March 31, 2011

Case and point: why the Harper government is more like the Empire than you think:

Mr. Harper is so set on his F-35s.

A report from an American company came out last week about the transaction for the fighter jets with Lockhead Martin. It states that is has no idea where Harper's cabinet got his numbers. Harper's claiming that they will cost 75 million each whereas in truth, they will run more likely around 110 to 115 million of your dollars each.

Why is Harper's government more like the Empire than you think?

Well... If any of you have ever seen Star Wars the movie, you might recognize this:

Tie Fighter pilot helmet:

F-35 pilot helmet:

Also, Harper claims that the jets will create jobs. Now... considering all the parts will have to come from Lockhead Martin, the only jobs I can see being created are jobs in the military. You know, recruiting for guys to service the jets, and protect the jets, and be in the jets... You know... guys in uniform you can really depend on...

Oh... and P.S.: the jet's supposed to have solid-state lasers.



Dementor said...


Master of the Craw said...

I like the glowing green eyes inside the helmet. It's less tie-fighter more holy fucking shit they're going to eat my soul and possibly my flesh in a way that only a shotgun filled with holy water can fix.

He's right though, it will create jobs: for him when he leaves politics to lobby for military contractors and for his cronies who will get heavy donations from the Canadian Aerospace industry.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

You know what creates jobs? Inefficiency.

Barbarosa said...

Haha. Only in the short term. Ceteris paribus, in the long term, it makes for less competitive organisations, which will lead to job losses.

Of course, if you look at public sector drones, they do have the benefit of being a buffer for inevitable downturns in economic cycles.

Master of the Craw said...

They also have the benefit of having their jobs, wage increases, benefits and standard of living guaranteed.

Of course there's a difference to be made between "I think the government has made some untenable concessions to the public sector" and "Let's go full republican and fuck everyone in the anus without the benefit of lube"

Anonymous said...

Jobs, not shovel-ready (socialist, defecit spending jobs), but military-industrial (socialist, defecit-spending jobs). Capitalism? BS. EVIL EMPIRE.