Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So I conspired with Hasbro to destroy Cardinal's GPA

And I have been fruitful:


UK-based Jagex is hopeful that it has the touch to make a successful Transformers MMO outside of Japan. The developer of browser-based fantasy MMO RuneScape has worked out a deal with Hasbro which will see its game released in North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand sometime in 2012.

There's little to go on beyond Jagex CEO Mark Gerard's promise that the title will be "dynamic and action-packed" -- and no word if it'll be based on the classic G1 Transformers or any of its subsequent iterations (or even the Bayformers).

Asia is getting its own, separate Transformers MMO from China's NetDragon. It's slated to roll out there this year.

More than likely it will brutally rape and murder Cardinal's inner child and leave it in the streets, crying little tears out whimpering "There's no place like Cybertron, there's no place like Cybertron".


Dementor said...

My only hope is they fuck up. But then again if I outgrow my present neurosis I might just tire out of the whole thing and... not... go... fetch the... black box... in my... cl... cl... c... Just one little game. NO. Just one little game and then we'll work on the schools. NO! We'll play the games and then do the work for the schools! NO! GO AWAY BAD MAN, BAD MAN! We'll go take the precious and play just a little sessions, we'll like it you'll see... OH!NO!OH!OH!BAD MAN... MAKING US DO BAD THINGS.. BAD MAN! GO AWAY! GO AWAY! ... we've no choice but to go now! yes... go fetch the precious now... yes... hmmmyes... yes... now... go... we go... we go take the precious

Dementor said...

Wow. I just won the battle. I didnt do it. I'm actually getting some work done instead. Wow. Seriously. I've got some will. Goddamn it I've got will. YOU GOTTA GIVE THE MAN HIS CREDITS, JESUS FISTFUCKING CHRIST, THE MAN'S GOT SOME FUCKING WILL!!!

Dementor said...

I resisted the urge. I was victorious. I came out sanctified. I shall from now on and thereafter be known as Cardinal Joe Molesto The White.

Barbarosa said...

Impressive battle. I need to be more like that.