Friday, September 3, 2010

Music and Love

Is bad musical taste a reason to dismiss someone ?

There's this girl, right ? We've been exchanging musical tastes and hers are the worst I have ever heard. It makes me angry. I just wonder what else it hides. Ya know? Also, to me it shows a bit of retardedness.

I mean, I don't go out say, "hey baby, I like metal, check this out" :

Oh no, I don't do that. What I do do is say that I like passionate music, you know something gender neutral, like Oum Khalsoum :

So you know what she does?

She sends me the most soulless milktoast crap I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. I mean it's supposed to be blues and the guy is black. How the hell did this even happen?

Keep in mind that when I challenged her to find a better cover than this:

She sent me this:

I wish I was more fluent in sign reading. I mean, shit the songs she sent are the musical equivalent of her telling me her bed is pilled high with stuffed animals. I can only imagine her having a huge bush and the dead fish being her favourite position.


Karl Hungus said...

Dear Barbarosa,

If I were to judge you based on your musical tastes, we wouldn't be friends. I can't stand most of what you listen to. Personal taste, that's all. You can't shit on someone for the music they like. Everyone's got a different rhythm.

I like the Tina Turner cover, but I also like the Jeff Buckley (more the live in Japan version). However, the song that nearly made me want to commit suicide was the "blues" track. I mean... 3 seconds was all it took.. and I... well... I wanted to shoot him in the face... and... I wanted to slash at a crowd of his fans with a butcher knife... like repeatedly... and bathe in their blood... while listening to that Pantera song... so I guess her tastes make sense in a cyclical kind of way, because once you're lying there, stained red, among the pieces of flesh, panting and crying, that Jeff Buckley song would sound just about right, wouldn't it?

Dementor said...

Dear Barbarosa,

grow up.

Barbarosa said...

Dear Cardinal Joe Molesto,

For someone who hasn't had a medicare card for the past 3 years because his mom/girlfriend wouldn't take care of it, you're pretty fast and loose with the terms grow and up