Saturday, September 11, 2010

How the media caused the next holy war...according to the media

So here is a BBC article about how the "Burn the Koran" thing got so much attention. This is to put to rest certain questions we had during our last human to human conversaische.

How Koran burning story grew from obscurity

And the winners are:
For first large media corp to talk about this guy: CNN
For first public figure to take this guy's actions seriously: General Petraeus (Clinton came in forth)

So yeah, now we know.


Karl Hungus said...

The article said that none of the government officials dismissed Terry Jones as fringe but that's wrong. Clinton did.

Aside from that, I found out that Patraeus's father was Sixtus Patraeus, a Dutch ship Captain. WTF!!?!?! What year is this? That's one of the coolest and most ancient sounding name/jobs I've ever heard.

Oh... and Gen Patraeus's nickname use to be "Peaches", but I wouldn't call that to his face today.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Laf Owt Lowd

Barbarosa said...

thanks for that post.