Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beat of a different drum.

I actually like the Jeff Buckley cover. Yeah, it's early millenium OC shit for the tweens but it fits and the interpretation conveys the right emotions. The blues song is soul crushingly horrible though.

Unsurprisingly, people have very different tastes in everything, from games to music to everything else. I'm pretty much known as a game and movie snob: I'm super critical of pretty much everything but it doesn't mean that I don't acknowledge the fact that others might have very different ideas as to what does or does not make a good game.

That being said I've dated someone who though the former was really good and the latter was really bad. If she wasn't so gifted with the beejs I too would have been quick to part ways then and there:


Barbarosa said...

Are we disagreeing with the definition of former and latter?

'Cause the former (Fall Out Boy) was way better. Raw.

The latter was eunuch porn music. Overly soft, pseudo-sensitive.

Barbarosa said...

I listened to the Susanna and I take back my criticism.

Can't we just get along?