Monday, February 23, 2015

Impeach Hungus! Free the blog!

What the hell is this?

First the 'new looks', which seem like nothing more than just another attempt at contributing to the uniformization of the internets, showcasing a total lack of imagination while stripping our beloved blog of any trace of identity by rendering the blog sexperience equal to a facebook jerkoff. Where are the wondrous 19 bernard tapestries, the figures of our majestic impersonalizations from the long gone days of the 19 bernardants splendor? Where are the waraxe yielding serial killers? Where are the minstrels?

And second, where in the cybershits is the 'New Post' link?

I had to go find it in the fucking source code, making the very act of posting uncomfortably similar to my day to day work, the very thing I'm trying to escape when I come here!

Our blog was penetruded by Hungus and he failed FAILED FAILED as a blog admin.

This failure is unacceptable!

I say we vote to strip him of his admin privileges!

1 comment:

Dementor said...

Must I point out to the outraged masses how far up the panic scale the level of gravity of the present situation has escalated when even our dear Bonerpants could not proceed to his bi-annual posting!? We shall never know the true value of this incommensurable loss, and because of this act of wretched treachery, we will have to wait another 6 months for his priceless comments to decorate what was once the pride of our lost appartment.