Monday, January 17, 2011

Speaking of god

Why don't you set your eye and brains on this little nugget:


Dementor said...

As I said before, if I'm gonna side with someone, its gonna be with the guy with the Hammer and the other bad asses backed by an army of dead vikings, not the losers that got killed singlehandledly by Kratos, or the hippie in a drape begging for love and forgiveness, or the other arab pig fucker. So yeah, I'm with Odin, mos def, no doubt, I dont really like these bands.

Master of the Craw said...

I'd like to explore Barbarosa's crotch with intellectual honesty and rigour.

Also I always hated that triangle.
Just use C(n k) = n!/k!(n-k)!
To figure out what the kth coefficient would be (in this case n is the exponent of the (x +y)^n).

Karl Hungus said...

The music made me want to do mushrooms. Actually, it made me feel like I was on mushrooms. No wait... oh yeah... I was on mushrooms. Nevermind.