Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Atheist Marathon!

I was surprised by how she had so much trouble keeping her cool. Proves that she is only used to discussing such topics with people who agree with her. Oh, group think. By the way, we should avoid that ourselves. It is stultifying to simply bounce ideas of like-minded people. I suggest we start our own debate club where we are forced to take sides on arguments.

It's not perfect, but it's a start.


Karl Hungus said...

At several points in the "debate" she looked like she was going to vomit out of disgust. However, I believe she wins. Even though the dude carefully listened to everything she had to say and responded in an intelligent manner whereas she was was just spewing out whatever popped into her crap-filled head, she was blond and had tits.

He was.. well.. let's put it honestly...ahhh fuck him. I don't listen to uncharismatic people.

I love her because she's passionate. I would want to hate-fuck her...

in the face...

Master of the Craw said...

Meghan Kelly rarely ever makes sense but then again that's not the point. She has to argue something that doesn't stand up to (in this case legal) scrutiny and has to either use cheap rhetorical devices or falsehoods to make her point.

Gretchen Carlson though is what I find most curious. The woman went to Stanford, she studied at Oxford for a while too but frequently plays the idiot, claiming that she has to look up pretty basic words to see what they mean. Either she fucked her way to a degree or she acts like a moron because that's essentially what Fox views its audience to be and she wants to pander to them. I'd wager it's the latter.

Dementor said...

I dont care about fox '''news'''.
The only way to fight this network is to not talk about it.
You're an idiot to diffuse this shite.
Anyone who even discusses fox '''news'''s is an idiot, unless if fox '''news''' is actually doing something else than propaganda. But they dont. Thats why we shouldnt mention it.