Saturday, August 14, 2010


It had to come from there.
Where the shit else would you get widespread féco-oral contacts ? Their whole culture is based on féco-oral.

Goddamn it, I've always found these people fucking repugnant, what with their bathing in rat-soup rivers, worshipping rats and shit.

Millions of disgusting rat worshippers are bathing in filth and hoping for contacts féco-oral, what the fuck else is gonna happen?

At least, this time, they wont be able to sell us no bogus vaccine cause there is none.


Selfrighteous Detractor said...

shit man, thats a pretty mean & stupid post given whats going on right now in Pakistan. You really are an inconsiderate bastard.

Dementor said...

Well, you know, you maybe right, but it looks to me like I'm not the only one, eh? Considering that the whole fucking international community doesnt give a shit about them neither.

Objective and neutral third party said...

Now, now, calm down the both of yous.
SD is right about Joe being inconsiderate, after all, he is a renowned child molester. And Joe is right about the community not caring.
But the both of yous are forgetting something here, or so it seems.
You seem to be forgetting about how all of this is going to accelerate the end of the world (NDM-1 party + chaos in nuclear state = apocalypse shifting into high gear), so stop bickering and watch the show.

Karl Hungus said...

A matter of perspective.

To you, the water looks:

1) Filthy
2) Full of disease


1) You take for granted the fact that you are used to extremely clean water. To them, it is just water because it has always looked like that to them. Reality.

2) The only reason you know that the water carries disease is because of your education and because of your understanding about how disease is transmitted. Education.

Also, if it bothers you so much, why don't you find out a way you can help instead of insulting the very people that are suffering.

Objective and neutral third party said...

Now, now, I said calm down, the three of yous... I said Joe and SD were right, but that Hungus there just sounds like a whiny treehuggin hippie and I think he should just shut the hell up because, fuck, everytime he feels like being an asshole its allright, but when someone else does, oh ! now its a fucking incident. Well fuck this. I'm leaving.

Dementor said...

Good fucking riddance.

And Hungus, why dont you do us all a favor and go wash yourself in the gange, it might solve that B.O problem of yours.

Selfrighteous Detractor said...

Too far Joe, you'Re going too far.

And Hungus, I'm the selfrighteous idiot here, so step down, I'm in charge of making everyone feel guilty.

!! Think about the children !!

Karl Hungus said...

Eat shit! All of you!!! (or just drink from the Ganges).

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Ass to mouth!!!

Dementor said...

Human centipede ! (?)