Saturday, April 17, 2010

I forgot to mention this at some point

It seems they'be been slowly reviving the dead adventure game genre, probably as part of the larger retro, quick and dirty cheap game development push and that probably deserves its own post/rant.
Personally I like most of these games more than multimillion dollar soulless monstrosities the realease to tremendous fanfare like Modern Warfare 2. I'm really happy that Telltale games has had a bit of success with both the episodic Sam n Max and Monkey Island series (both highly recommended if you like these kinds of games at all) and it seems Lucasarts is keen on going through their old library of games and breathing some new life into them. Any chance to play these games again is a good one and I'm glad they're going back and revisiting both MIs (I played the MI1 remake and it was every bit as fun as I remember it. The new art is great as is the new voice work and the ability to swap the old graphics and the new graphics at will will keep the purists like me happy).
I would love it if they gave both Maniac Mansion games a similar treatment but so long as they keep the Day of the Tentacle voices untouched (well, maybe clean up the audio quality a bit since the compression back then was horrendous).
Having all of my old 90's franchises (Street Fighter, adventure games in general, Civilization) getting a little bit of undue love has me feeling like I'm almost 20 years younger, still a virgin and spending inordinate ammounts of time tinkering with the innards of my computer. Well, OK, I still do the last one. But I promise I'm not still a virgin.


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Are you secretly trying to tell us you have craw cancer?

Master of the Craw said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. My craw has little time to live.