Sunday, March 7, 2010

Death of the PC

These days, some excited morons are flapping their arms while trying to convince us that the days of the PC are over.
Here are my irrefutable arguments against those imbeciles:

1- They say portable units will be the death of the pc. Bullshit I says, the main PC clientele are exactly those people who dont move, thus they dont need no portable unit, they want something which will sit in front of them and will not get away from the limited reach of their small fattish arms protruding out of their bloating and slimy carcasses.

2- They say cloud computing will render PC obsolete. Nonsense! No one will ever guarantee complete security over distant networks, ever! Thus cloud computing is bound to be limited to inconsequential applications.

On the contrary, I believe we will see more PCs in the coming years. The gaming consoles which are sold by the millions are being designed with attributes increasingly shared by the PC, and I PREDICT this trend will continue towards gaming console becoming nothing else than PCs with super capable graphic processing units.

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Master of the Craw said...

I'm still waiting for the day that I can use my XBOX with a keyboard and mouse. Boo at dual analog.
Anyways, for about 90% of the stuff people do on the internet cloud computing via a thin client is fine. For the more hardcore enthusiasts there will always be a market for big, bulky and powerful boxes. Thing is the PC gaming market has seen better days and most of the money is on consoles nowadays. I think it's absurd but sadly I'm not in the majority.