Friday, October 23, 2009

Midterms Studies => Procrastinatomania => Posting Frenzy

In this fourth inning of our Science Series,
we shall observe the phenomenon characterized by the production of liquid by
the glands found in the epiderm layer of the human skin, namely, sudation.
Sweatology is a fairly recent science and the observations reported here have never been published before by any member of the Science Community, therefore they should be deemed important.
We shall begin this paper with the following questions:

1- What are the underlying causes of sudation?

2- Is sweating only a physical mechanism or can it be controlled by the Mental Powers?

Let's try to answer these questions through the study of a case scenario.
We shall examine the case of a fictitious humanoid, which we will call, for the sake of practicality, Burt Lancaster.
Here is Burt Lancaster's trajectory from his daily bicycle ride:

Now everytime Burt Lancaster travels on this path, he starts sweating at the same exact point, about 3 km into the bicycle ride, right at the beginning of Querbes, right there:

Now, here the attentive reader will probably remark : "Of course he's sweating when he gets to Querbes, he's racist."
To this I will answer: "yes, indeed he is, but let's keep our science eye open."
Even if Burt Lancaster is a well known racist, our scientific mind pushes us in another direction from the ethnological considerations. Even if Burt Lancaster is racist, could he not try to retain from sweating at the sight of Querbes? Could he not ask his pores to wait a bit further before releasing the salty liquid? How he do dat?
How'd he dodat? dont he have sweat like dat! What says he make do like dat?
dat dont do! Dat he dont control sweat like dat. He git funky balls sweat comin out of he ass, shhiiit! Da fuck up wit dat? uh?

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