Monday, October 12, 2009

Lai Lai Hey!

So, I ended up grabbing 6 tickets to the Ensiferum show on december 3rd. I expect the usual suspects to be there and then some, so it should be quite the romp. I'm going to present the lineup to entice the tardy ones among you to show up at the very beginning, if not to enjoy it, at least to laugh at it's folly. I tried to get the most ridiculous pictures when I could. Here is the lineup:


Yes, another freakin' pirate band. The novelty of Alestorm quickly wore off for me and now there are these guys. Considered a drollesque pirate themed punk-metal band, my limited knowledge of them probably doesn't do them justice so I'll stop here.


Previously known as Profugus Mortis, this Montreal Folk Metal Band is an up and comer. But like many queb bands that flirt with the genre, they leave me kind of indifferent, even if they are very talented. It will still be interesting to see them live. And yes, their album cover is strangely similar to La Maudite.

Ex Deo

Formed by a history obsessed paisan from Kataclysm, a Montreal veteran band par excellence, it is Roman themed metal. Roman! It's tantalizing but almost too much.


Swedish melodic Death. This is the kind of band I will wish I had been a fan of before seeing the show to better appreciate the event. They've been around forever and I've heard the name countless times. I couldn't even find a ridiculous picture of them. And this video is actually well produced and everything. Damn!

And Finally...


It was a blast last time. With their new album being what it is, I expect an ample amount of rejoicing.


Dementor said...

my ears are hurting already... Not from the music, but from my girlfriend's screams upon hearing it.

Karl Hungus said...

Wow! I've never been so completely uninterested in a show in my entire life! Woohoo!!!

Have fun guys.

Master of the Craw said...

Candyman, you are a killjoy.

I'm in.

Dementor said...

Yeah, Candyman, I hear Nathalie Simard is making a comeback with her Brother René at the Eunuch Center. I can get you tickets if you want, eunuch.

Napoleon Bonerpants said...

Update: Hypocrisy got Alexei Laiho as tour guitarist. He's the guy from Children of Bodom. I don't know if this should add excitement but I think it does up the value somewhat.