Monday, July 20, 2009

Post Pink Pony Pictures Please Papa

He sounds like a stoned off his ass 15 year old, but its Tom Araya! From Slayer!
How sympathetic and nice and gentle and sweet could this guy be?
This confirms my theory, according to which the more aggressive the music, the more sane the musician, and vice-versa. Thats why Oasis exclusively fuck their dead grandmothers and Nickelback exclusively eat goat shit.
I would also like to add that Dream Theater's drumkit is ridiculously big, and that you need 3 legs to play it adequately.(its also too huge to fit in a picture... somehow, it looks like their drummer is trying his best to compensate for something... I would hate to be the roadie: hey, roadie, shouldnt you be tuning my drums? We're playing in 3 months )

and no, I'm not passed my Zombie phase,

but I've been thinking about anacondas lately.


Napoleon Bonerpants said...

He kind of made me think of our friend Tom Arrowmaker

Barbarosa said...

I was gonna write the same thing!