Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Connectivenesss

Dear internets,

I was off the air for a while because Videotron were fucking me up the ass but now I'm ok. I'm posting for redemption and also to declare my absolute desire to go see that zombie movie on the 11th. So if anyone is closer to Fantasia than I am please buy me a ticket. I also wanted to say that I'm tired with the orthodox jews and I really wish the government would trade them with Kotecas, who have a way better sense of fashion

even their women look better!


Dementor said...

blasted blog!
I never post about what I set out to post in the first place!

What I wanted to say is tomorrow there's this show I'm playing in and you guys are invited if you want.
Its at Hémisphère Gauche, about 10p.m.

Barbarosa said...

see you there. how much are the tiks?

Master of the Craw said...

I hadn't bought a ticket yet but I'll pick 2 up tomorrow. If anyone else wants to watch nazi zombies ham it up on the big screen call me or text me by tomorrow 5pm. Otherwise you'll have to go buy your own tickets.
this is for the show on the 11th at 11:45pm