Tuesday, April 3, 2007

War on Bush

Yeah, I know, we've all heard it before. I know that I won't be likely to enlight
anyone by speaking against the Bush government. But that's the problem. I don't hear
much talk anymore because it seems we've grown complacent with our current
situation. The fact that Bush hasn't been impeached (or even, dare I say, lynched) has really been disturbing me lately. So I feel compelled to repeat the same old
things ad nauseum.

So yes, it feels as though Bush bashing has gone out of fashion in our
neck of the woods. I may be wrong. I know that I'm not the poster boy of activism (I have my reasons) and therefore may have missed out on many occasions to voice public concern, but I feel that I could do more and I get the feeling that others may have grown tired of the subject. Those that might agree with me regarding US foreign policy (which should concern us all, even outside the US) should never grow tired. This is serious. A stubborn administration needs stubborn opposition.

On another note, I find that the anti-bush movement is somewhat flawed. With every
intelligent remark comes a sea of juvenile attacks. Comparing Bush to a chimp doesn't help. It merely obscurs the message and damages credibility.
But that's my opinion.

Here's a site that I like. Its not the best but it has its serious side. Some links are pretty good. I suggest you bookmark it and find others if you've lost the habit of doing so:

Basically, I wrote this message as a reminder that things
aren't alright even if hot sun and tank tops are headed our way, nothing more. I also need to vent because I'm pissed off and feeling powerless so please forgive the irrationality. This is no party (aka protest).

I don't love to hate Bush. I just hate him...vehemently. In fact, I hate him just for making me hate something so much.


Barbarosa said...

Not that I want to encourage people to be complacent about Bush, but they're really turning up the heat in Washington these days. Don't believe me? Check out the latest Economist...http://www.economist.com/printedition/displayCover.cfm?url=/images/20070331/20070331issuecovUS400.jpg

and by latest I meant latest as of yesterday. Today has a new latest cover...

Dementor said...

Yeah, I like Bush too... He kills Islamists.