Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Christ, this is absurd!


Ok, documentary about holy shroud of Turin, no problem. Documentary about tomb of Jesus, huge problem. Although I'm one to think that James Cameron is a wishful thinking egomaniac, I still can't help but scoff at the media's reaction to this. Saying things like: "several scholars derided the claims made in a new documentary as unfounded and contradictory to basic Christian beliefs" is like saying: "It can't be true because lotsa people don't believe it". In the words of Ram Puniyani, 'this is sophistry at its worst'. It is now clear that the creationists have successfully invaginated themselves in the scientific community.

Of course, christian fundamentalists are urging for the documentary to be pulled off the airwaves thus sparking the question: why are they so afraid of something that they consider so dismally ridiculous? The other question regarding freedom of speech needs no further enunciation.

I also like this little gem from another site:
"I think this is more fanciful and absurd theorizing. Every Christian knows that Jesus, the son of God and man, died and rose again on Easter Sunday"

Hey, while we're at it, why not just label Jesus Tomb Talk as hate speech against messiahs so that its never openly questionned again? Yes, people should go to jail for even suggesting that a certain someone decomposed instead of magically transforming into holy ether. Sounds crazy, but what does "crazy" mean at this point?

I have nothing against faith, but I can't help but feel that religious zealots are pathetic impressionable sheep who are damned by their own willful ignorance and that, long ago, murdered their own god through bad representation. They should be charged for deicide by defamation. There, I said it.


Barbarosa said...

hear, hear!

arilucho said...

powerful words...... for a girl

Anonymous said...

publi-sac o' shit...

Dementor said...

publi-sac a merde


Dementor said...

Isnt Cameron a Jew's name?

Well big suprise.

slapmaster J said...

Umm, just want to correct you on the shroud of Turin it's actual name is the shroud of bloody jesus-ness. Thank you.