Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hirohito the lizard ( suite et fin )

Remember this dude?

I had him set to become the Lizard King. He was to be the biggest, baddest gecko to ever walk this appartment. I had him eating 10 buggers a day. He was doing good, eating them like a real dragon. I had so much fun watching him jump on his preys like a tiger on a small bangladesheese kid. 10 buggers a day and he would eat them all. Then one day, after I came back from the lizard house where they would sell me the buggers, I notice one of them was bigger than the others, about 3 times as big, a real alpha bug. I put it in the lizard's den just to see how Hirohito would react facing an ennemy about 2/3 his size. He ate all the other small ones just seem to ignore the fat bastard. Then I went to work and when I came home, the big bugger was gone, and hirohito was lying on his side with his belly open. Basically this is what happened to him:

A real shame, he was a real killer that guy. Anyways, this is what he looks like now. The only pet I ever had. He lasted exactly a month.


Barbarosa said...

RIP Hirohito.

Dementor said...

I miss him so bad this morning. This is why I never had pets before and I'll never have pets again. As soon as you start to get to know them they explode and die.

Barbarosa said...

Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all, my friend. Makes for a richer life.