Thursday, November 6, 2014

I have a semi daily series of work threads where we get together and share links of random things. I kept meaning to start doing that here so I now will.
Behold my brain dump and all it contains therein!

Nintendo Announces Majora's Mask 3D. I guess now I should go and finish OOT 3D (also some new DLC for MK8)

South Park on Freemium games

Interstellar gets a 74% on RT. Still seems like my kind of movie though

Neogaf does bad game shirts, hilarity ensues.

What does water in space do? Awesome things apparently

Picard to Enterprise

Subreddit of the day



Dementor said...

For some reason this post had me ending up listening to the Judgment Night soundtrack. Man I'd forgotten how much the early 90s smelled like teenager balls.

Dementor said...

Although the Sir-Mix-A-Lot/Mudhoney track is grade A sweaty balls material.

Barbarosa said...

No wonder Americans "work" so many hours.