Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dead Guy

(the blog has been too polite lately)


Dementor said...

Explanation #1: in the near future, teleportation by 3d printer is part of everyday life. Unfortunately, careless users often fail to verify the levels of organic compounds in the receiving device resulting in incomplete rebodyfication and a very painful death on arrival.

Dementor said...

Explanation #2: The days of the early martian colonies were rife with the contingencies of a hostile and cruel environment. As long as he wore his cosmic ray reflecting jacket, the space settler could live to see the outer perimeter of his self contained habitat. But every once in a while an absentminded explorer would step out with his jacket inside out, thus trapping the deadly cosmic rays inside the vest, triggering a spontaneous and intense microwave chain reaction of fuming desintegration. This unfortunate oversight inevitably left intact only his lower limbs and a very saddened wife and children.

Dementor said...

Explanation #3: They finally found the Suzumebachi guy from youtube. He will be missed.